Reservoir Characterization & Modeling

Using State of the Art Biostratigraphic and Sedimentological Lab Facilities
  • Biostratigraphy
  • FMI Integration
  • Cyclostratigraphy
  • Core Description
  • Sedimentological Model
  • Flow Unit Determination
  • Facies Modeling
  • 3D Stochastic Modeling
Biostratigraphic and Cyclo-Sequence Modeling

Biostratigraphic Modeling, Environment identification, Time Line Chrono Stratigraphic Correlation, Facies Change,

Sedimentological Modeling

Facies modeling, System Tracts, Genetic Units

3D Static and Dynamic Modeling
Bore Hole Image

Sedimentological and Structural Bore Hole Image Processing and Interpretation.

Petroleum systems

Integration of Biostratigraphy using wireline log techniques.

Probabalistic Reassessment of Reserves
Sedimentological Modeling

2D Facies maps and 3D Sedimentological Modeling

1D/3D Reservoir Simulation
3D Static Modeling

Integrated 3D Reservoir Static Model