Biostratigraphic Analysis

High Resolution Biostratigraphy

  • Micropalaeontology (Foraminifera, Ostracoda)
  • Calcareous Nannoplanktons
  • Palynology
  • Palynofacies (Kerogen Typing and Spore Coloration)

Advanced Chrono Techniques

  • Graphic Correlation
  • System Tracts Interpretation
  • Sequence and Cyclostratigraphy

Other Services

  • Wellsite Biostatigraphy
  • Ditch Cutting Treatment
  • Palynological Slides
  • Photomicrographs of Index Palynomorphs and Nannoplanktons
  • SEM Photographs of Microfossils
  • Digital Photography
  • Radiometric Age Dating (Rb-Sr or K-Ar)
  • Palaeomagnetic Analysis (Oriented Samples)
  • Environment
  • Base Level Detection
Graphic Correlation

Identifying terraces, hiatuses, unconformities, faults, and condensed sections.

Chrono-Stratigraphic Correlation

Time Line Correlation, Missing Sections, Facies Change

Biostratigraphic Interpretation

High resolution modeling, Environment, Fluctuation of Base Level

Cyclo-Chrono Stratigraphy

Applied Chrono-Stratigraphy using Wireline Logs in Sequence Stratigraphic Framework