EREX is well known for its geological lab services, with more than 200 clients in Egypt and all over the world.

EREX’s lab services include Biostratigraphic Preparation and Analysis, Petrographic Preparation and Analysis, SEM, XRD and Thin Section Petrography.  Samples include surface, core and ditch cuttings.

EREX has onsite Core Description capability with a team that have worked with numerous depositional environments from around the world. Detailed 1:10, 1:40 and summary core description charts are produced after hand examination of available cores.

The resulting analysis aids in the building of a proper Chronostratigraphic and Sedimentological Model.



High resolution biostratigraphic analysis that includes: foraminefra, nanno-planktons, and palynological analysis.
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Core Description

Detailed hand examined core samples are described in our state of the art laboratory.
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Cyclo-Sequence Stratigraphy

Improve your well to well correlation using the innovative cyclo sequence stratigraphic processing for your wireline logs.
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EREX provides a full suite of sedimentological analysis that ranges from core description to complete basin sedimentological modeling.
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SEM, XRD, Thin Section Petrography

SEM, XRD, Calcimetry, and Thin Section Petrography interpretation is carried out over the well samples to get the best results for exact model calibration.
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