The latest Log and Map digitizing software package​


NeuraLog is the most widely-used Log & Map Digitizing solution in the oil and gas industry. Automated digitizing streamlines your workflow by sending reliable digital data to time-critical projects. Unique quality improvement, editing and validation assure that your digital log data, which often comes from vendors where quality is uncertain, can be corrected and verified to meet your needs. For those working with rasters, NeuraLog can create straightened and depth registered images for your geological applications.


NeuraMap is a data capture, transformation, and QC system that allows you to work with your paper maps, cross sections, x-y plots and other proprietary data. Legacy data can read by Neuralog and overlaid on the original image for QC and editing. Data can be re-projected to any of over 40 Map Systems and 400 Datums, or custom systems can be created. Digital data can be exported, or your document can be marked with information such as calibration and projection for reprint.



NeuraSection is the world’s best Integrated Geological Interpretation Package.  NeuraSection is the only interpretation system available with the image quality to truly support raster and digital well log correlation and analysis.  NeuraSection uses existing log images and digital files and autoloads them to the database or format you need to become your integrated interpretation solution. 

NeuraSection allows you to evaluate and display all available geological data. Users can visualize, analyze and create presentation logs, maps, sections and montages, as well as delineate reserves, in a process that maximizes data resources and minimizes the time required to create and present the total play concept.



NeuraDB is an E&P focused Data Management System powerful enough for your enterprise, yet easy enough for everyone to use. As a unique multi-functional product, NeuraDB can serve as your Well Data Master, Well Log Repository, and Well File Management System, managing documents associated with wells, fields, stratigraphy and seismic data.



Advanced Image Stitching and Splicing functions and ability to crop and stitch very large TIFF documents. Load and View LAS (Log ASCII Standard) Well Log Format. Load and View Any Number of Documents Together (TIFF, JPG, LAS). Stitch and Crop Images and Image Pieces to New Document.



The world’s only scanner designed specifically to accommodate well logs just got faster, clearer and lighter in weight.  Neuralog introduces its next generation well log scanner.  With the same compactness that fits in a standard computer case, and weighing under 10 pounds, the NeuraScanner can be carried anywhere – office, customer site, rig, home.  Designed with its own custom programmable microchip and a unique new optical sensor created for Neuralog, specifically for capturing well logs, NeuraScanner truly represents state of the art in scanning technology.