Seismic Rock Physics

EREX Integrated Seismic Inversion studies are driven by detailed Rock-Physics analysis, using the latest state of the art software and comprehensive rock facies modeling.  EREX delivers highly detailed seismic inversion cubes that are correlated to inferred reservoir properties (Facies, Phi, Permeability and Saturation).

The workflow includes:

  • Geological Interpretation of existing wells
  • Petrophysical Analysis
  • 1D Rock Physics
  • AVO Analysis
  • 2D Modeling
  • 3D Seismic Inversion
  • Reservoir Properties Derivation
  • New Ventures Definition
  • Well Planning
1D Rock Physics Analysis
1D Rock Physics

1D Rockphysics Analysis that covers the whole range from Mineral properties to AVO Classification to PDF classification

High resolution seismic inversion
High resolution seismic inversion for lateral facies variations

High resolution seismic poststack and/or prestack geostatistical seismic inversion can detect the subtle lateral lithofacies variations even the ones below the standard seismic resolution.

Pre-stack seismic lithofacies classification
3D seismic lithofacies extraction

Prestack seismic data inversion can be used for detailed lithofacies classification, that can help in reservoir connectivity and sedimentological modeling of a hydrocarbon field.

Fluid Indicator Map on Top Reservoir
Generation of Fluid Maps

Extracted from Pre-stack seismic inversion cube over the reservoir interval, Saturation map is an indication of hydrocarbon presence that is confirmed via well drilling.