EREX Integrated Studies

EREX Integrated Studies are designed for exploration, development and evaluation needs. Those studies are a result of more than 28 years of experience and more than 100 successfully delivered studies.

Petroleum System Studies

Petroleum generation and expulsion in a basin as well as trapping mechanisms are important before the start of the exploration phase, or even to understand where to focus future exploration efforts.
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Reservoir Characterization

Heterogeneity in a reservoir always poses a challenge for the development of a reservoir. Using EREX's Reservoir Characterization techniques, uncertainty due to heterogeneity can be reduced.
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Seismic Rock Physics

Seismic Reservoir Characterization driven by detailed Rock-Physics analysis is one of the main advanced techniques to reduce uncertainty in reservoir development.
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Geomechanical Studies

Pore pressure prediction and failure analysis to assist in the drilling of new wells and to prevent bore hole collapses using EREX's integrated Geomechanical workflow has saved clients from mechanical failure in numerous wells.
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Field Development Plans

EREX integrated field development studies workflows are tested in producing basins all over the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. The studies include oil, gas and condensate reservoirs. Clastics, carbonate, fractured basement and unconventional producers...
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Reservoir Engineering

EREX reservoir engineering studies can be used to understand your reservoir production behavior, and plan your secondary and tertiary recovery schemes carefully.
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E&P Acreage Evaluation

Interested in buying or selling your share in a block? EREX can prepare a full suite of technical and commercial aspects for the sale.
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Reserve Certification

EREX is an independent firm issuing independent resource and reserves certifications that are accepted by financial, commercial, investment, development entities, governments and banks for over the last 20 years.
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