Pore Pressure, Bore Stability and Geomechanics

Hurghada Hurghada

Course & Workshop April 21-25, 2024 Instructor: M. El Khawaga, Ph.D., P.Eng.   Who Should Attend This course is aimed at reservoir, petroleum and exploitation engineers/technologists, and development geologists. Course Objectives The course provides understanding the fundamentals of the pore pressure, wellbore instability and applications in the oil and gas industry. This concepts and methods

Prospect Risk Analysis, Decision Tree and Economics

Hurghada Hurghada

Course & Workshop May 12-16, 2024 Instructor: Z. AWAD Ph.D.   Who Should Attend The course is designed for reservoir, and completion engineers, operation and exploration geologists, log analyst, geophysicists and development staff. Course Outlines 1- Basin and Play Evaluation Procedure. 2- Play Assessment. 3- Method of Play Assessment: - Prospects summation. - Single-valued fields

Economic Feasibility analysis of Upstream Petroleum Projects

Hurghada Hurghada

Course & Workshop June 2 - 6, 2024 Instructor: Dr. Ismael Mahgoub   Who Should Attend • Senior level of Petroleum Engineers, Geoscientist, and Finance Managers. Newly appointed managers. Master Workshop Objectives Preparation of economic feasibility studies of petroleum reservoir development plans for management approval is a challenging responsibility. This is achieved in this workshop