Latest Past Events

Economic Feasibility analysis of Upstream Petroleum Projects

Hurghada Hurghada

Course & Workshop June 2 - 6, 2024 Instructor: Dr. Ismael Mahgoub   Who Should Attend • Senior level of Petroleum Engineers, Geoscientist, and Finance Managers. Newly appointed managers. Master Workshop Objectives Preparation of economic feasibility studies of petroleum reservoir development plans for management approval is a challenging responsibility. This is achieved in this workshop

Prospect Risk Analysis, Decision Tree and Economics

Hurghada Hurghada

Course & Workshop May 12-16, 2024 Instructor: Z. AWAD Ph.D.   Who Should Attend The course is designed for reservoir, and completion engineers, operation and exploration geologists, log analyst, geophysicists and development staff. Course Outlines 1- Basin and Play Evaluation Procedure. 2- Play Assessment. 3- Method of Play Assessment: - Prospects summation. - Single-valued fields

Pore Pressure, Bore Stability and Geomechanics

Hurghada Hurghada

Course & Workshop April 21-25, 2024 Instructor: M. El Khawaga, Ph.D., P.Eng.   Who Should Attend This course is aimed at reservoir, petroleum and exploitation engineers/technologists, and development geologists. Course Objectives The course provides understanding the fundamentals of the pore pressure, wellbore instability and applications in the oil and gas industry. This concepts and methods