Industry Standard for Composite Log Drafting


WellCAD is a PC based composite log package, which combines comprehensive graphic editing mechanisms and data processing tools.

Combining technically excellent display, editing and analysis capabilities for well data, WellCAD has become the standard log composite software in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Geotechnical society and is used in a wide range of applications.
The basic module incorporates all features and tools necessary to import, edit, process and display your Well data. The software is delivered with a set of Templates, Headers, Dictionaries customized for specific application. You can of course easily modify existing ones or create you own.

Data import/export

Bitmap files (*.bmp, *.tif)
Many 3rd party proprietary files
LIS/DLIS (optional)

Data presentation

WellCAD handles a wide range of data types from wire line data, Core data, images, comments and many more. All data are numerical and can be edited in a separate spread sheet view (tabular editor) .

Depth management

Multiple depth management (time, depth, TVD)
Advanced depth matching tool
Slice, shift, merge, resample, filter curves with results display alongside the original data.
Formula parser (curve calculator with multiple discriminators) User programming/batch processing
Add your own process routine and specialised task using Visual Basic and/or OLE automation.


Copy/paste to any windows application
Export document as BMP/EMF
Output to any Windows-supported printer
Distribute the document with free WellCAD Reader

CoreCAD /wellsite


CoreCAD is an interactive digital Core description application based on the comprehensive well data display capability of WellCAD package. Developed by and for geologists, the software offers a special workspace with zoom & snap options, workflow templates and fast data entry options. All these tools will allow the geologist to acquire Core data more quickly and in digital format.

As soon as data is inserted into CoreCAD workspace the underlying WellCAD composite log chart and the final layout is updated in real time.

CoreCAD allows the setting up of customised workflow schemes and layout templates in order to handle clastic, carbonate and outcrop descriptions.
CoreCAD is available as add-on to WellCAD software for PC and also as a standalone application for pocket PC

Allows easy and efficient digital and graphical description of Cores.
All parameters described graphically are stored as real digital data – ready to export
Multiple depth system management
Import Core photographs
Import hand drafted Core descriptions, digitize the data or integrate them into composite log chart
Fully customizable system for easy and quick creation of all Core description data types from biostratigraphy, to diagenetic minerals & depositional subenvironment.

Borehole image analysis

Data import

Borehole image data from a variety of tools including acoustic televiewer, optical televiewer, Corescanned images, FMI, FMS, CAST, CBIL, UBI and STAR and Sondex MIT are supported.
For data available in LIS/DLIS format files, you will have to use the LIS/DLIS add-on module.

Data processing

Before any form of analysis is performed, the data needs to be processed.
This involves the creation of a reliable high quality image from raw tool measurements. It consists of a number of procedures.
Log quality control: check both image and orientation measurements)
Reconstruction of the data for variation in tool properties or at acquisition time
Corrections of the actual measurements

A number of processing options are available for enhancing the quality of the data.
These includes:
Bad trace interpolation
Amplitude normalization
Despiking filters
Correction of decentralisation
Image orientation

Data presentation

Data can be displayed as an image (user definable image color palette), as curves (shifted or stacked curves) or as 3D cylinder display (mimic a virtual Core)
Data can be visualised as 3D images using 3D borehole view (ideal to visualise breakouts, well deformation, pipe corrosion)

Data interpretation

Any number of sinus curves can be interactively picked recording azimuth and dip values.
Each pick can be qualified into user definable categories using (ToadCAD) module
Picks can be displayed as sinus, tadpole or stick plot.
Fully interactive structure interpretation including polar and rose diagram.