CycloLog® is software for well log interpretation. It incorporates tools that help you to:

  • Generate log based well correlations and zonations.
  • Better recognize well correlation points, depositional trends and their hierarchica order using INPEFA�
  • Easily exchange data and interpretations with other software packages.
  • Determine electro- and lithofacies using multi-log clustering and core data.
  • Apply Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis (MESA) and Milankovitch cycles.
  • Convert depth to time and estimate sediment accumulation rates subsequently.
  • Visualize logs. Make crossplots, suggest lithology with classified colors and optimize log scaling by using histograms.
  • Calculate Total Organic Carbon from logs


In many hydrocarbon fields, stratigraphic information such as bio- or chemostratigraphic data do not provide sufficient constraints for well correlation. Consequently, correlations and stratigraphic models derived from them can remain uncertain or lack required resolution. CycloLog® is well correlation software which:

  • Helps reduce uncertainty in well correlations when constraints are limited
  • Enables you to use faster and more accurate interpretation methods
  • Allows results to be reproduced
  • Is fast and versatile
  • Limits bias
  • Has efficient workflows
  • Allows in-depth analysis of your logs
  • Has a fast and informative well log display

What is INPEFA®?

INPEFA® is data (not model) driven and when applied to well logs reflecting lithology, INPEFA® generates curves displaying discontinuities in the data. These can be interpreted geologically as:

  • hiatuses,
  • erosional surfaces
  • changes in lithology
  • changes in sedimentation rate.