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March 7-11, 2021

Instructor : José (PEPE) Regueiro, Ph.D


Geophysicists, Exploration and Development Geologists; Sedimentologists, Petrophysicists; reservoir engineers involved with exploration and development of oil and gas reservoirs


To describe the so called Seismic Attributes, as well as their applications in the processes of 3D Seismic Data interpretation, emphasizing the utility of this type of information during the phases of exploration and/or reservoir characterization. Broad Content:

  • Introduction
  • History and Classification of Seismic Attributes
  • Review of Basic Concepts of Seismic Wave Propagation
  • Brief Aspects of Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Color Display and 3D Visualization
  • Time Attributes
  • Amplitude Attributes
  • Complex Trace Attributes - Hilbert
  • Spectral Decomposition
  • Other Spectral Attributes
  • Geometrical - Structural Attributes
  • Seismic Fracture Analysis
  • "Seismic Energy" (detuning)
  • Textural Attributes
  • Multi-Attribute Facies Classification
  • Multi-Attribute Properties Estimation

Course Benefits:

At the end of this course, the participants should we able to apply 3D Seismic Attribute Analysis, and extract from them important information, which should help in identifying structural, stratigraphic, and rock/fluid parameters associated with their reservoirs. They should be capable of making decisions concerning the use of the results, coming from these types of information, in the evaluation and prognosis of the reservoirs models under their responsibility.


  • Introduction
  • History and Classification of Seismic Attributes
    • Definitions
    • Brief History of the Development
    • Attribute Classifications
    • Applications of Seismic Attributes
  • Review of Basic Concepts of Seismic Wave Propagation
    • Waves in Isotropic, Elastic Medium
    • Reflection of Seismic Waves
    • Zoepprits Equations
    • Normal Incidence vs Oblique Incidence
    • The Concolutional Model
    • Seismic Resolution
    • Seismic Velocities
    • Elastic vs Petrophysical Parameters
  • Brief Aspects of Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing
    • The CMP Method of Seismic Data Acquisition
    • Basic Processing Sequence
    • Data Conditioning
      • Amplitude Recovery
      • Noise Attenuation
      • Velocity Analysis
      • Statics
      • Multiple Attenuation
      • Predictive Deconvolution
      • Migration
      • Post-stack Filters
  • Color Display and 3D Visualization
    • The Meaning of the Data
    • Basic Seismic Data Displays
    • Color Models
    • RGB Color Model
    • Opacity and Transparency
    • Depth of Color
    • Color Scales
  • Time Attributes
    • Post Stack Transit Time
    • Time is NOT Depth
    • Pull Up - Pull Down Effect
    • Time Surface
    • Delta T - Isochore
    • Wedge Model Discussion - Interpretation
  • Amplitude Attributes
    • The meaning of Amplitudes
    • Polarity
    • Phase
    • Low vs High Impedance Reservoirs
    • Effects of Thickness on the Amplitudes - Tuning
    • Extracting Amplitude Information
    • Interval Attributes
    • Optical Stack - Transparency
    • Brief Discussion of AVO Concepts
    • Brief Discussion of Seismic Inversion
  • Complex Trace Attributes - Hilbert
    • Seismic Waves as Analytic Signal
    • The Meaning of Complex Attributes
    • Instantaneous Amplitude -Envelope
    • Instantaneous Phase
    • Instantaneous Frequency
    • Response Attributes
    • Suite of Instantaneous Attributes in OpendTect
    • Sweetness
    • Pseudo Relief
    • Spectral Decomposition
    • Introduction
    • Commonly Used Methods
      • Discrete Fourier Transform
      • Continues Wavelet Transform
      • Some Applications
      • Stratigraphy - Thickness Variations
      • Energy Absorption
      • RGB Blending of SD DATA
  • Other Spectral Attributes
    • Dominant Frequency
    • Average Frequency
    • Median Frequency
    • Maximum Spectral Amplitude
    • Area Beyond Dominat Frequency
    • Frequency Slope Fall
    • Wavelet Energy Absorption
  • Geometrical - Structural Attributes
    • Introduction - Definition
    • Dip and Azimuth
    • Dip Scan - Dip Steering
    • Seismic Coherence
    • Similarity
    • Semblance
    • Curvature
    • Edge Detection
  • Seismic Fracture Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Role of Seismic in Fracture Reservoir Characterization
    • 3D Seismic Interpretation of Faults
    • Seismic Anisotropy
    • Transverse Isotropy… VTI vs HTI
    • P waves Azimuthal Analysis
    • Shear Wave Splitting
    • Azimuthal AVO
  • "Seismic Energy" (detuning)
    • Seismic Energy Concept
    • Detuning 3D Seismic Data
      • Textural Attributes
      • Seismic Texture
      • Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix
      • Energy
      • Entropy
      • Contrast
      • Homogeneity
    • Multi-Attribute Facies Classification
      • Fundamental Idea
      • Classification Techniques
      • Use of Crossplots as Classification Method
      • Seismic Facies - UVQ Classification
      • K-Means
      • Kohonen Self Organizing Maps
      • Unsupervised vs Supervised Methods
      • Meta Attributes
    • Multi-Attribute Properties Estimation
      • Estimation Techniques
      • Linear Regression
      • Multi-Linear Regression
      • Insight into Neural Networks
      • Probabilistic Solutions


    First day will be held at Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel), in Cairo. The participants will fly the next day to Hurghada. The course will be continued in Hurghada.


    Inclusive of refreshment and lunch at the Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel). Air Ticket Cairo/Hurghada return and accommodation in Hurghada.


    • Master: 1980 Colorado School of Mines, Geophysical Engineering.
    • Ph.D: 1984 Colorado School of Mines, Geophysics.

    Professional Association:
    1990- PresentFull Professor. Retired, Applied Seismic Methods
    Departamento de Ciencias de La Tierra. Universidad Simon Bolivar Responsabilities:
    Departament Head 1998-1999, Geophysics Laboratories Chief 1995-1998 and 1999-2003 y Geophysical Eng. Degree Coordinator 2003-2005.
    2010 - PresentPresident Geociencias Virtuales C.A.
    Consulting and Educational Company Pampatar, Venezuela
    1990 - PresentInternational Instructor.
    Seismic Methodologies - AVO, Inversion, Interpretation, etc.
    2015 - 2016Technical-Academic Coordinator
    Seismic Interpreters School
    PDVSA-Faja - POES, Pto La Cruz, Venezuela
    2009 - 2015Technical Advisor to ENAP, Seismic Attributes and Inversion, Magallanes Basin, Chile
    2011-2014Technical Advisor to REPSOL-Petroquiriquire, Integrated Reservoir Studies, Maracaibo, Venezuela
    2012-2013Technical Advisor to Energy Gas and Oil Services, Comalcalco, Mexico
    2010 - 2012Technical Advisor to SMT (Kigdom Int. Software)
    2009 - 2016NEXT - Schlumberger
    2007Tecnical Advisor: Stratus - Pacific Energy. Seismic Processing of La Creciente survey - Colombia.
    2006- 2007Technical Advisor to PETROPARS (IRAN) in Venezuela
    1990 - 2005Consultant to PDVSA E&P FUNINDES-USB
    1990-2002CIED Instructor.
    Courses on Seismic Methodologies - Coordinator of PIAs (Integrated Learning Programs)
    1984-1990Associate Researcher, Dpt. de Ciencias de La Tierra.
    INTEVEP S.A. Last Position Held: Head of Seismic Reservoir Characterization

    • School for Seismic Interpreters- 2016 (11 months), PDVSA-FAJA - POES Int. Program Coordinator, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
    • Seismic Evaluation for new well locations in the Springhill reservoir, LYNCH area, Magellan Basin, 2014-2015, Principal Consultant, ENAP, Chile.
    • Post Eocene Reservoirs, Reserves Revisi?n and Validation, Flanco Oeste Field, Mene Grande, Edo. Zulia, 2013-2014, Technical Advisor, PETROQUIRIQUIRE - PETROCIENCIAS, Venezuela
    • Integrated Evaluation of the Tupilco Field, Comalcalco Basin, Energy Gas and Oil Services, July-Dicember 2013, Technical Advisor, Comalcalco, Mexico
    • Seismic Stratigraphy Evaluation at the Glauconitic Sandstones Play, Riquelme and Arenal areas, Magellan Basin, 2013-2014, Principal Advisor, ENAP, Chile
    • Integrated Study of the Barua FIeld, Edo. Zulia, 2013, Geophysical Advisor, REPSOL-PETROQUIRIQUIRE, Venezuela
    • Seismic Characterization of Gas Reservoirs at Tropilla, Dorado-Riquelme areas, Magellan Basin, June 2009 -, December 2011, ENAP, Principal Advisor, Chile
    • Seismic Characterization of the Springhill reservoir, Arenal, Magellan Basin, June 2009 ENAP, Asesor Principal, Chile
    • M?ltiple paper presentations in national and international meetings related to the application of seismic techniques in oil and gas exploration and production.

    Important Publications:
    • AVO an?lysis in low-and-high -porosity gas sand reservoirs. Offset- Dependent Reflectivity - Theory and Practice of AVO Analysis, 1993 SEG Investigations in Geophysics No. 8.
    • AVO in the North of Paria, Venezuela: Gas Methane vs. Condensate Reservoirs, 1996, GEOPHYSICS, Vol. 61, No. 4.