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Budgeting For Geoscientists and Engineers


December 1 - 5, 2019

Instructor : Mahmoud Ghazaly, Ph.D.


Participates involved in the Administration, Managment, budgeting, planning and controlling of their department's budget. Those who wish to review or learn concepts used to budget and control operations.


The concept of budgeting and how budgets assist managers in planning and decision making is introduced here. This course discusses and demonstrates the preparation of operational budgets for a traditional manufacturing company with inventory, as well as for a company operating in a JIT environment. Operational budgets in merchandising and service companies are also covered.

Static and flexible budgets are introduced in this chapter, with particular emphasis on the impact of ABC on flexible budgets. Nonfinancial budgets are also introduced in this course.

This course introduces the topic of budgets. Budgets are a primary financial planning tool used by businesses and other organizations. The course explains how businesses use and prepare budgets as part of the management process. The concept of responsibility centers and responsibility accounting is also discussed and are related to the concept of controllability. In addition, the human factor in budgeting is covered.

I. Budget Process- Process of planning future business activities.
A. Strategic Budgeting Activities
B. Benchmarking Budgets
C. Budgeting and Human Behavior
D. Budget as a Management Tool
E. Budgeting Communication

II. Budget Administration Proper administration required of this important and detailed activity.
A. Budget Committee
B. Budget Reporting

III. The Master Budget Formal, comprehensive plan for a company's future.
IV. Preparing the Master Budget Each component linked to budgeting process.

Capital Expenditures Budget
A. Financial Budgets
1. Cash Budget shows expected cash inflows and outflows during budget.
2. Budgeted Income Statement
3.Budgeted Balance Sheet

V. Decision Analysis-Activity-Based Budgeting (ABB)---budget system based on expected activities.


First day will be held at Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel), in Cairo. The participants will fly the next day to Hurghada. The course will be continued in Hurghada.


Inclusive of refreshment and lunch at the Holiday Inn (Former Sofitel Hotel). Air Ticket Cairo/Hurghada return and accommodation in Hurghada.


Dr. Mahmoud El Ghazaly currently serves as a full-time faculty in the School of Management at MSA. For the previous 5 years Dr. El Ghazaly was a full-time faculty in the Business School at Beirut Arab University BAU. El Ghazaly worked as a full-time faculty in Business School (Accounting Department) at the American University in Cairo AUC. He served previously as an assistant to AUC accounting Professors. He served at AUC as Disbursement and Collection Manager and in Saudi Arabia (Khoja Group) as Chief Financial Officer consulting with its managers regarding portfolio management, cash flow projections, capital market, money market (forex), and option deals, he also worked in Howard Harbert Jones-H.H.J. (U.S. Aid Construction Company) as assistant financial manager.

Dr. Mahmoud El Ghazaly published two articles in the field of Financial Reporting, and Joint & By products costing in management accounting in the magazine of the Information and Research Center of Sadat Academy for Managerial sciences. He published other two articles in the Financial & Commercial Researches Journal at Suez Canal University for Break-Even Analysis Application and Ethics in the Accounting field. He also designed and developed an original " Financial Management " curriculum for the CIT -American University in Cairo as a project consultant. Moreover he also attended many conferences for taxes, budgeting, management accounting, and participated with a research paper presented in Abu Dhabi during the conference held by the Accountants & Auditors Association for Gulf Area in Nov. 2009. The paper discussed the professional responsibility of external auditors towards corporate governance as related to the latest world economic crisis.

Dr. Mahmoud El Ghazaly holds Ph.D. in accounting from Sadat Academy for Managerial Sciences- Egypt (Accredited by Supreme Council of Universities), Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the American University in Cairo, Post-Graduate Diploma in Costing from Cairo University in Egypt, and Bachelor degree in accounting from Cairo University in Egypt.

(1) The Break-Even Analysis as applied by SCE.
(2) Accounting Ethics.
(3) Professional Responsibility of Auditors.